Ballblazer Redux

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I’ve really no idea how much I paid for the original cassette version for my Atari 800XL back in the 1980’s. Whatever the amount, it wasn’t enough. For shear value-for-money to me and my teenage buddy Seb, it has not been surpassed since! Needless to say Ballblazer has a special place in my heart. The graphics and sound of the game stood out for pushing the Antic and Pokey chips inside my Atari to their limit. However it’s the gameplay that makes this game the game it is. This is the story of how I took to task writing my own version and modern take of the game.

Original Version Gameplay video on YouTube

First, an overview of the game. It’s a split screen head to head futuristic soccer game. There’s a human v droid option but the real fun is against someone you can swear at (and who’ll swear back)! You get to choose the length of each match (3 to 10 minutes) and there’s overtime if the game is drawn at full time. You race in Rotofoils that snap at 90 degree angles to face the ball. If you have the ball then you’ll automatically face the opponents goal. Oh, and the goals move across the back of the playfield to liven things up. Fire the Plasmorb between the posts to score points. One for a shot (or push) up close, two for further back and three if you’re over the horizon. When you possess the ball your Rotofoil slows slightly giving the opponent and advantage in their efforts to dispossess you.

I’m yet to write-up the ‘how I did it’ story but am keen to make the remake available sooner rather than later and so I’ve added a link below for folks to access the distributable. This is a Windows .exe created using Launch4j.

PS. There’s no v droid option in the remake (yet).

  1. Can i have a VR version and telemetry for my motion simulator please?

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